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Richmond, CA DentistWhy We Brush Before and After Sleeping

The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth twice a day, before hitting the sack and after waking up. It may seem like this is just the best time to fit oral hygiene in your schedule, before you start your day and as your day is winding down. However, there is logic behind this specific timing that has nothing to do with your plans for the day.

Brushing before and after sleeping is vital because of saliva production (or a lack thereof). Salivary glands keep your mouth hydrated throughout the day. You are consistently swallowing saliva every minute or so or more depending on your personal hydration and the food you eat. Your saliva washes away harmful bacteria, odor-causing dead cells, and food particles throughout the day.

While you sleep, this saliva production drops to zero. With a dry mouth, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease thrive. That’s why when you wake up your teeth feel like they have “sweaters” and your breath may smell foul. Brushing before bed eliminates as much bacteria as possible before your saliva hiatus. When you wake up, brushing your teeth removes the plaque buildup (the sweater feeling) and freshens your breath.

Should I Brush Before or After Breakfast?

Many people wake up with this conflict, believing that brushing before a meal is pointless. While cavity-causing bacteria flourish on sugar and ferment able carbohydrates, brushing your teeth immediately after eating may do more harm than good. This is because your tooth enamel has become temporarily soft after plaque and sugar form acid. If you are going to brush your teeth after breakfast instead of before, at least wait an hour after eating. Otherwise, our Richmond, CA dentist recommends brushing your teeth before eating and choosing a meal low in sugars and white breads.

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