TMJ Disorder: Is It TMD Or Something Else?

Feb 13th, 2017 | By | Category: TMJ Disorder

When you’re experiencing discomfort, such as pain in your jaw, you may wonder if you have TMJ disorder (TMD). The problem with attempting to diagnose yourself is that many symptoms you might experience can point to TMD or to other possible problems. It’s even possible that you just have minor irritation that has turned into a headache. To learn more about what might be going on and what to do, follow our simple advice.

It Could Be TMD Or Bruxism

Your problem could be TMJ disorder. Or, it could very well be bruxism. Then again, some other type of strain or irritation might be bothering you. Remember that TMD occurs when your jaw joints aren’t their healthiest, which can lead to pain in your jaws and surrounding structures. Bruxism is the term we use to refer to grinding (or clenching). This can lead to very similar symptoms.

How To Find Out!

Not sure if it’s TMJ disorder or bruxism or something else? Don’t feel bad, this is not your area of expertise. It is ours! You should come in for a dental visit as soon as possible, so we may examine your smile and have a discussion about the types of symptoms you have been experiencing. Then, we can go ahead and move forward with a plan for treatment.

Why You Should Come In Soon

If you think TMJ disorder or bruxism is affecting your smile, waiting is not the right choice. These functional issues can lead to significant damage that you can avoid if you come see us immediately.


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