The Cosmetic Effects of Bruxism Explained by Richmond Cosmetic Dentist

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Cosmetic DentistryFor many of our patients, bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, plagues their oral health. Bruxism can cause symptoms such as tooth sensitivity, excessive tooth decay, jaw muscle pain, shoulder and neck aches, morning earaches, and chronic migraines. However, did you know that bruxism can also cause issues for your image?

How Teeth Grinding Can Stain Your Smile

Since teeth grinding destroys enamel, your teeth are more vulnerable to cavities. Without this protective layer, the sensitive inner structures are susceptible to bacteria and decay. Did you know that they are also less protected against staining? With damaged tooth enamel, your teeth are more likely to collect stains in the pits of your teeth and create discoloration to your smile. As a result, bruxers, or people with bruxism, may have yellowed or stained teeth.

How Bruxism Creates Craze Lines

Another threat to your smile, craze lines can develop from tooth trauma from clenching or biting into a hard substance. The damage to your tooth enamel creates tiny cracks. These hairline fractures collect stains, developing dark vertical lines on the front of your teeth.

How Severe Teeth Grinding Makes Teeth Smaller

One of the most devastating bruxism effects to the look of your smile is worn down teeth. Severe bruxism can wear down your teeth to nubs. The result is smaller, juvenile-looking teeth, and less vertical height for your mouth. With less structural support from your teeth, your mouth may look sunken-in or collapsed, adding years to your appearance.

How to Repair Aesthetic Issues from Bruxism

When it comes to the cosmetic issues associated with bruxism, our Richmond, CA dentist’s main concern is preventing teeth grinding while restoring your smile. At Hilltop Family Dental, we will help determine the cause of your teeth grinding and develop a treatment plan. We can also implement cosmetic dentistry to add length to shorter teeth, cover unsightly staining, and repair damage like tooth chipping and craze lines.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Richmond, CA

To learn more about treating teeth grinding, and how porcelain veneers and teeth whitening can reverse the effects of bruxism on your smile, contact our cosmetic dentist in Richmond, CA, Dr. Stefan Moiceanu. Call our Hilltop Family Dental at (510)758-7222. We look forward to helping you stop the harmful symptoms of bruxism and regain a beautiful smile.

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