Sedation: 3 Benefits Beyond Tranquility

Mar 21st, 2017 | By | Category: Sedation Dentistry

When you think about dental sedation, the first thing that probably comes to mind is how tranquil you will feel during a dental visit. You know that it offers exceptional calming if you’re someone who deals with any amount of dental anxiety. However, were you aware that there are also some additional benefits you can expect from choosing sedation? We offer up a few unexpected advantages you may be overlooking!

Relaxed Gag Reflex

Do you dread going to the dentist because of your gag reflex? Even if you’re not anxious about dental care at all but you can’t seem to keep your gagging from happening when you’re at a dental visit, you might have some misgivings about scheduling your checkups and cleanings (and anything else). Rest assured, dental sedation will relax this issue for you.

Additional Analgesic Effect

Are you someone who does not like injections, so local anesthetic is an issue? Perhaps you’re okay with them but you always worry that it won’t work well enough. In any case, sedation offers additional protection against discomfort, so you can receive care in comfort.

Possible Amnesic Effect

There’s a reason you receive dental sedation and go home after your visit assuming you slept through your procedure (even when you were conscious the entire time). Sedation often offers an amnesic effect. This means that you’ll be awake and communicating with us. However, you will forget what happened during your visit. Since the experience is missing from your memory, you will naturally assume you were sleeping as it took place.

Enjoy The Comfortable Care You Deserve

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