You Don’t Have to Tolerate TMJ Disorder

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beautiful girl with hands on cheeksIf you live with a constant TMJ Disorder, aching in your head, neck, and/or face, and your attempts at finding solace have proved unfruitful, you may begin to believe that discomfort is simply a part of your life from this point forward. While discomfort can sometimes be inevitable, it is not something that your body was meant to naturally withstand for extended periods of time. Pain is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong, and ignoring the symptoms can cause your condition to deteriorate. You may require extensive work by the time you decide to take action. Richmond CA, dentist , Dr. Stefan Moiceanu, explains what may be the source of your troubles (TMJ disorder) and how you can help eliminate it.

Revisiting TMJ Disorder

Chronic headaches, earaches, and jaw pain are common, and can result from a number of different issues. If you’ve sought treatment from your physician to no avail, then the trouble may stem from a dental problem known as TMJ disorder, or TMD. Your temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are the large joints situated in front of each ear. As the connection points between your lower jaw (mandible) and the temporal bones in your skull, your TMJs and the muscles that surround them allow your jaw to enjoy the wide-range of movements that are necessary for your mouth to function properly. Due to stress, injury, or a number of other factors, these joints can become damaged, inflamed, and/or misaligned, causing pain to emanate from the joints and manifest in your face, head, ears, neck, shoulders, mouth, and other craniofacial areas. Because TMJ disorder does not correct itself, the pain will continue until to you actively address the underlying condition.

Possible Treatment of TMJ Disorder

Treating TMJ disorder relies on determining its cause and severity. For instance, if your jaws are damaged because of a crooked bite, then orthodontic treatment may be necessary to straighten your teeth and jaws before your jaw’s joints can heal. In extreme cases, surgery may be required to repair severely damaged TMJs. After a thorough and comprehensive exam, Dr. Moiceanu can advise you which treatment would be optimal for your specific TMJ disorder case.

Relieve TMJ Discomfort with Your Richmond CA, Dentist

To learn more about treating TMJ disorder, or to learn if your chronic pain is TMJ related, speak with Dr. Moiceanu as soon as possible. You can schedule a consultation with your Richmond CA, dentist by calling Hilltop Family Dental at 510-758-7222. Located in the 94806 area, we proudly serve families from Richmond, Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and the surrounding communities.

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