Why Dental Implants Are So Versatile

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Dental ImplantsMaking patients feel happy and healthy is a top priority for Dr. Moiceanu. Not surprisingly, many patients who have missing teeth, bridges, partials, and full dentures are anything but happy with the way their teeth look, feel, and function. You may be surprised to learn that there is one treatment that can correct all of those problems: dental implants. A versatile treatment for one or more missing teeth, dental implants can be customized to meet an array of needs. Best of all, once they are placed, they look natural and function just like real teeth, which will contribute significantly to your overall physical and emotional health.

Individual Teeth

The dental implant procedure for a single tooth begins with Dr. Moiceanu making an incision into the gum and creating a hole in the underlying jawbone. He will then place a titanium screw into this hole, which will serve as your new tooth “root.” After a healing period of a few months, the jaw bone will fuse with the titanium cylinder, which will anchor it in place. Dr. Moiceanu will then attach a crown to the part of the cylinder extending beyond the gum. Dental implants are the highest standard of care treatment dentistry has to offer for replacing missing teeth.

Bridges and Partial Dentures

If you have a few adjacent teeth missing, you may already have a bridge or a partial denture. A bridge consists of a few artificial teeth that are permanently attached to the teeth on each side of the gap. A partial denture offers the same effect of a bridge, but it is removable and the teeth are attached to a plastic plate with metal bracing. Bridges can make your teeth sensitive and collect bacteria which may lead to gum disease, and partials often slip and feel uncomfortable. A better solution for adjacent missing teeth is an implant-supported bridge, which consists of the crowns being fused together and anchored in place with one or more dental implants.

Full Set of Dentures

Full dentures present a host of problems, including bone loss, difficulty speaking, and slippage. With implant-supported dentures, you can say goodbye to those annoying problems. Dr. Moiceanu will attach a full set of teeth to a few strategically-placed dental implants in your mouth, and they will function and feel like your natural teeth.

If you’re wondering if dental implants are right for you, call Dr. Moiceanu today at (510) 758-7222 to schedule a consultation. Hilltop Family Dental happily treats patients from Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Vallejo, Pinole, El Cerrito, Hercules, Benicia, and the greater Contra Costa County area.

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