What Your Tongue Can Tell You About Your Health

May 17th, 2012 | By | Category: Oral Hygiene, Preventive Dentistry

Richmond dentistWhat causes the white coating over my tongue?

The white, pasty substance over your tongue could be a sign of an infection. Often, this symptom includes stale breath or foul mouth odors. Pay attention to this film as it could be a sign of an inflammatory disease or an autoimmune disease. Trush, a bacterial yeast infection also results in a white, sticky layer over your tongue. Often, the beneficial cultures in yogurt will help clear up this infection on your tongue.

Are white spots on my tongue serious?

If splotchy, pale substances appear on your tongue and do not heal in the next seven to ten days, have this condition checked by our Richmond dentist immediately. Some signs of oral cancer appear in white spots or lesions on the tongue or soft tissues of the mouth. Detecting these signs early is imperative to effective cancer treatment.

What is hairy tongue?

The filiform papillae on your tongue are made of keratin, a substance found in hair. Bacterial infections, antibiotics, and dry mouth can all result in hairy tongue. This phenomena occurs overnight while the filiform papillae expand, causing tastebuds to look and feel furry.

Why does my tongue appear yellow?

Like the white-pasty film over tongues, yellow tongues are often caused by infections. Gastric reflux also causes the tongue to look yellowish. If you notice this change in your tongue, seek treatment from our Richmond, CA dentist. Gastric reflux can cause dental problems, like weakened tooth enamel, from continued gastric acid exposure to your teeth. 

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