Facial Esthetics and Dental Implants

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Dental ImplantsIf you wear partial or full dentures, you may have noticed that your face looks a bit different than it used to. You may have chalked it up to the aging process, but facial structure normally does not change that rapidly as you age. The more likely culprit is your missing teeth, or more specifically, the loss of tissue in the jawbone caused by your missing teeth. Fortunately, Dr. Moiceanu offers a solution that gives your face a more youthful appearance and provides better teeth functionality than dentures: dental implants. Here’s how dental implants can improve your facial esthetics.

How do missing teeth affect facial esthetics?

When you bite and chew, your natural teeth stimulate the underlying jawbone, which promotes retention of bone tissue. If you have lost teeth due to gum disease, decay, or trauma, stimulation of the jawbone no longer occurs, causing deterioration of bone tissue. When this happens, the face may take on a sunken appearance, and the space between the nose and chin will shorten. Bone loss also affects the tone of the facial muscles, which will cause jowls and wrinkles around the mouth.

How can dental implants improve facial esthetics?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots anchored into the jawbone, onto which crowns or a full set of dentures are placed. Because they function just like your natural teeth, they will stimulate your jawbone and help preserve bone tissue. If years of wearing dentures has caused considerable loss of bone tissue, Dr. Moiceanu will recommend a bone grafting procedure before he places your implants. Not only will the increased bone mass support your dental implants, it will also improve your facial appearance. Placing implants that look, feel, and function like your natural teeth and stimulate jawbone retention will take years off your face.

If you’re ready to turn back the clock, call Dr. Moiceanu today at (510) 758-7222 to schedule a consultation for dental implants. Hilltop Family Dental serves patients from Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Vallejo, Pinole, El Cerrito, Hercules, Benicia, and the greater Contra Costa County area.

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