Affording Cosmetic Dentistry

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cosmetic dentistryJust because your insurance doesn’t cover a certain dental procedure, cosmetic dentistry being one of them, doesn’t mean you don’t need it. For example, your insurance company may pay for dentures but not dental implants, but what if your dentures constantly need to be adjusted? Because dentures do not stimulate the jawbone like real teeth, the bone deteriorates over time, causing changes in facial appearance and the fit of your false teeth. Dental implants, however, act like real teeth and help eliminate problems with bone deterioration. Implants may be considered an unnecessary cosmetic procedure by your insurance company, but to you they will dramatically improve your health and quality of life. Here’s what you need to know about affording cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Insurance and Cosmetic Dentistry

Some insurance companies actually cover certain cosmetic procedures. Consult with your insurance agent or human resources representative to find out what may be covered under your plan. If your procedure is covered, we will bill your insurance company as a courtesy to you. However, if your insurance hasn’t paid their portion of the fees within 45 days, you will have to cover the costs while the issue is being resolved.

Self Pay for Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are able to pay up front, Dr. Moiceanu accepts cash, checks, and all major credit cards. He also offers a cash discount and a senior citizen discount when you pay in full at the time of service.

Financing Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Moiceanu realizes that you may not be able to pay a large sum of money up front, and that’s why he offers financing through CareCredit for all dental procedures including cosmetic dentistry. You can finance up to 100% of your dental treatment with low interest and reasonable monthly payments. Our office can help you apply for CareCredit, and if you are approved, we can begin your treatment plan immediately.

Consider Your Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure an Investment

The costs of dental implants or porcelain veneers may seem out of your reach, but consider what you may have to pay over time if you do not undergo these procedures. Missing, stained, or worn down teeth will result in frequent dental visits if you do not take steps to correct them now and enhance their appearance. With cosmetic dentistry, not only will your mouth look great, but it will function and feel great, too. You really can’t afford not to make that investment.

If you’re ready to discuss your cosmetic dentistry needs, call Dr. Moiceanu at (510) 758-7222 to make an appointment. Hilltop Family Dental treats patients in Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Vallejo, Pinole, El Cerrito, Hercules, Benicia, and the surrounding areas.

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