Richmond Dentist Offers Home Remedies to Relieve Your Jaw Pain

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Jaw PainHeadaches, earaches, neck and shoulder pain, and soreness of the facial muscles can indicate a number of different maladies. Therefore, diagnosing these symptoms can often be difficult. Regardless of the source, distress in this region can be excruciating, and often may drive you to seek medical treatment. If your trouble stems from a dental problem, however, there is a chance that a doctor’s visit may not be able to relieve your distress. Richmond dentist Dr. Stefan Moiceanu explains a common cause of face and jaw pain and describes steps you can take to ease your discomfort at home.

Exploring Your TMJs

Your temporomandibular joints, or TMJs, are the two large joints that hold your lower jaw, ormandible, to the temporal bones in your skull. Located just in front of each ear, these joints and the muscles that surround them are responsible for the wide range of movement that a healthy jaw is capable of. A number of issues can affect the function of these joints, though exact causes of malfunctioning TMJs are not always clear. When the joint or muscles are distressed, overworked, or damaged, the resulting discomfort is known as TMJ disorder. Common possible causes of the disorder include grinding and clenching teeth (bruxism) and stress, which can cause frequent stress on the jaw muscles and joints.  Because the symptoms of TMJ disorder are ambiguous, it is often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Easing Your TMJs

The reason for TMJ discomfort is typically excessive stress and tension. If you experience severe discomfort in your jaw or face, visit our Richmond dental office as soon as possible. For relief from the pain at home, try massaging the sides of your face just in front of your ears, where the joints are located. Massaging the area can help relax the muscles, loosening the tension to relieve some of the distress. Heat is also a good way to relax tense muscles. Place a hot water bottle or heating pad on your cheeks for a few moments at a time to facilitate muscle relaxation. Cold is usually used to relieve pain. For best results, alternate the heating pad with an ice pack every few minutes to reap the benefits of muscle relaxation and pain relief.

TMJ Dentist in Richmond

If symptoms persist in light of your efforts, visit us as soon as possible to determine if your trouble is a dental issue. To learn more about TMJ disorder, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moiceanu, contact our Richmond, CA dentist office by calling 510-758-7222. Located in Richmond, we proudly serve families from Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and the surrounding communities.

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