Richmond Dentist Explains What You Didn’t Know About Tooth Decay

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Tooth DecayDid You Know: Sugar Does Not Cause Cavities?

According to a survey conducted by the American Dental Association, more than 80% of those polled believed sugar causes cavities. Although sugar contributes to tooth decay formation, S. mutans or streptococcus mutans,cause cavities. These harmful bacteria metabolize sugar, creating lactic acid, which latches onto your tooth. The lactic acid erodes your tooth enamel.

Did You Know: Prolonged Exposure to Sugar Is Worse than a Short Candy Binge?

The hardest tissue in your body, tooth enamel protects your teeth from bacteria; however, when softened by acid erosion, your enamel is weak against S. mutans. When you prolong eating sugary substances, your tooth enamel becomes softened for longer periods of time.  For example, occasionally reaching into the office candy jar throughout the day makes your teeth more susceptible to cavities than eating the whole jar in a couple of minutes and brushing your teeth an hour afterwards. The less time your mouth is susceptible to acid erosion, the better.

Did You Know: Cavities Do Not Heal Themselves

Unlike a flesh wound, injuries to your teeth such as decay or traumatic force will not heal themselves. In fact, cavities will continue to grow and infect other parts of your tooth and your mouth. As a result, untreated cavities lead to internally infected teeth, requiring root canals. As the infection travels down the tooth root, bacteria can also harm your jawbone where the bone connects to the tooth root tip, creating painful dental abscess.

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