Richmond Dentist Explains How Implants Prevent Facial Collapse

Oct 2nd, 2012 | By | Category: Dental Implants, Tooth Loss

dental implantsReplacing a lost tooth may not seem very important to someone who eschews vanity, but the implications of missing teeth go far beyond aesthetics. While there are many options available to you if you wish to close the ranks of your teeth, only one option fully replaces the entire structure of your tooth—dental implants.  Richmond dentist Dr. Stefan Moiceanu explains how the unique components of a dental implants can help halt one of the most destructive side effects of tooth loss.

What Happens When You Lose a Tooth?

When you lose a tooth, your body mourns the loss. One of the surface side-effects of tooth loss involves the empty space left between the remaining adjacent teeth. This space can cause an imbalance in your bite. The remaining teeth will attempt to shift to take up the slack, which can cause them to loosen and possibly fall out. The altered landscape of your mouth can also make your bite worse, which may lead to more severe malocclusion (misaligned bite). Most dental prosthetics, such as bridges and dentures, are designed to fill this space, helping to prevent the inevitable shift. Unfortunately, there are more consequences to the loss of a tooth than mere real estate coverage.

The Destructive Power of a Missing Tooth

Another, lesser known cost of losing a tooth involves your teeth’s supporting structure—the jawbone. The roots of your teeth are anchored into your jawbone, and the stimulation of chewing signals your body to provide nutrients to the jaw for tooth support. When a tooth is lost, this stimulation ceases, and the flow of nutrients is reduced. While it may take years to become noticeable, this nutrient deficiency causes the jawbone to deteriorate, leading to the loss of more teeth and the sunken-jaw look of facial collapse. A dental implant, which is a small rod or screw that is inserted into your jawbone, consists of biocompatible titanium. Your jawbone accepts the implant as genuine and fuses to its titanium surface, creating a metal root that Dr. Moiceanu can use to anchor a prosthetic. When the implant heals, the stimulation of chewing will be returned, and the flow of nutrients will continue as normal.

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