How Fluoride Treatments Protect Your Teeth

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Fluoride TreatmentsWhy Consider Fluoride Treatments?

You may have seen toothpaste commercials tout fluoride in their ingredients, heard of towns adding fluoride to their tap water, or seen mouthrinses with fluoride included, but what does fluoride do? Our Richmond, CA dentist explains how fluoride benefits your smile by preventing tooth decay and decreasing tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Anatomy from Richmond Dentist

To understand how fluoride treatments work, it may help to know some tooth anatomy. Let’s start at the center of the tooth. Here, you will find the pulp center. This sensitive inner part of the tooth contains the nerve endings, blood vessels, and living tissue connected to your tooth. Outside of the pulp center is a soft layer of dentin. This layer of the tooth is made up of microscopic tubes that transmit sensations to the dental pulp. Since the pulp contains nerve endings, any harsh temperatures, infection, or pressure can generate shooting pain or toothache. To protect the soft dentin and pulp center, you need strong tooth enamel.

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Tooth enamel is a hard mineral produced by your body. This layer shields your tooth from bacteria and hot and cold foods. Weak tooth enamel translates to higher risk of cavities as well as tooth sensitivity. While your body cannot fight enamel erosion from teeth grinding, acid formation, and tooth decay, fluoride treatments can build back lost tooth enamel. The mineral combines with tooth enamel to remineralize your tooth and create a thicker layer of protection.Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride Treatments in Richmond, CA

At our Richmond, CA dentist, Dr. Moiceanu offers fluoride treatments to help fight back against tooth decay and sensitivity to temperatures. To find out more about our preventive dentistry services, call our family dentistry in Richmond, CA at (510)758-7222.

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