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Dec 28th, 2017 | By | Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

If you want to spend the new year showing off a remarkable smile, you may be an ideal candidate for cosmetic dental work. Your dentist can improve your appearance by addressing a number of different concerns. Teeth affected by chips, cracks, discoloration, or developmental flaws can receive important correction. Thanks to Invisalign, it is also possible to discreetly fix longstanding issues with the way your teeth are currently aligned. During an initial evaluation, your dentist can talk to you about how your smile can be improved. If your flaws also cause issues with dental function, the placing of a porcelain dental crown can benefit you.

Veneers And Crowns Can Restore Flawed, Damaged Teeth

How will your dentist know what procedure to recommend? One particular concern is whether or not your teeth are suffering functional problems because of their flawed shape or structure. If you have a tooth that needs more support, a porcelain crown can offer restorative and cosmetic improvement. However, if you only have cosmetic flaws to address, your problems can be effectively addressed with veneers.

Veneers and crowns both offer big improvements to your smile. You can cover up chips and cracks, and address issues with discoloration. Both provide a natural-looking effect, so your smile will still appear natural.

Addressing Problems With Dental Alignment

With Invisalign, it becomes possible to discreetly reposition teeth that are in poor alignment. You will wear a sequence of aligners, which are made from clear plastic. Because they are see-through, they can go undetected by others while you wear them. By fixing flaws with your dental alignment, you can make a dramatic improvement to your smile.

Talk To Hilltop Family Dental About Cosmetic Dental Work

At Hilltop Family Dental, you can look forward to terrific benefits when you undergo cosmetic dental treatment. Our office is proud to offer care that can transform how you look. In addition to cosmetic treatment, patients can look forward to expert general and restorative treatment. We are proud to help families from Richmond, CA, and surrounding areas, such as Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and more enjoy fantastic smile care. To learn more, or schedule a consultation, contact Hilltop Family Dental as soon as possible by calling us at (510) 758-7222.

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