Your Questions About Sleep Apnea Treatment

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questionmarkblueAre you suffering from exhaustion that seems to get worse on a daily basis – even after you feel quite sure you slept for a solid eight hours? Have you been informed on more than one occasion that you snore, gasp, choke, or make other loud noises during the night? If so, it may be time you visit us for sleep apnea treatment. The good news is that the treatment we offer is effective without disrupting your daily life. Have some questions about what to expect? We are happy to answer with a friendly Q&A session.

Questions and Answers: Sleep Apnea

Question: Why do I need sleep apnea treatment? Can’t I just try to go to sleep earlier or make sure there are no distractions to wake me up?

Answer: You need treatment because the factor waking you up is your collapsing throat tissues – not outside noises. If you ignore the problem, you will continue to face mounting fatigue, which may lead to significant issues with daily life.

Question: What if I don’t mind feeling tired? Is putting off my sleep apnea treatment for a little while really going to make a big difference?

Answer: It will. As you wait to receive treatment, you will continue wake throughout the night (which occurs when your brain recognizes it is not receiving oxygen). In addition to frustrating symptoms and fatigue that turns into severe exhaustion, the sleep disorder can lead to serious health issues down the line, such as cardiac problems, liver issues, and high blood pressure.

Question: What is sleep apnea treatment like?

Answer: It’s very gentle and effective. You won’t need to take pills or visit us for any type of invasive treatment. Instead, we will provide you with a custom-fitted oral appliance that we refer to as a mandibular repositioning device. It will carefully position your jaws to encourage throat muscles and tissues to remain active during sleep (and your air passages open), thereby allowing you to breathe without interruption.


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