Periodontal Disease Prevention in Richmond, CA

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Periodontal DiseasePreventing Gum Disease

Gum disease prevention is one of the most important steps you can take for your oral health. More common than you might think, gum disease affects as much as 80 percent of American adults. Periodontal disease is not curable, meaning that sufferers of gum disease will have to proactively fight symptoms for life. By taking these preventive measures against a disease which is connected to diabetes, heart disease, and pregnancy complications, you can protect your oral health and your total wellbeing.

Floss Daily to Prevent Gingivitis

The earliest stage of gum disease, gingivitis begins with deep red or purple, inflamed gums. You may experience bleeding during brushing or flossing. This serious gingival infection covers the same amount of surface area as the skin of your entire forearm. Preventing gingivitis requires adequate plaque removal. While brushing twice daily is vital for your dental health, flossing is even more important for disrupting the bacterial colonies that collect along the gum line and create plaque. Help yourself remember to floss by leaving the floss out on the bathroom counter in plain sight.

Schedule Regular Dental Cleanings in Richmond, CA

Gum disease ranges from mild gingival infection to severe and irreversible damage to your teeth and jawbone. At a dental cleaning, our experienced Richmond, CA dentist, Dr. Moiceanu, will meticulously investigate your mouth for any sign of periodontal disease so that he can quickly address the infection and restore your oral health. Dental cleanings prevent gum disease by removing the hardened plaque, called calculus, that accumulates around the teeth and gums.

Exceptional Dental Care in Richmond, CA

To protect your teeth from cavities, prevent gum disease, and detect symptoms of oral cancer, schedule your dental examination at Hilltop Family Dental today at 510.758.7222. We look forward to helping you and your family achieve optimal oral health. Conveniently located in Richmond, near the Hilltop Mall, our cosmetic dentistry proudly serves patients in the Contra Costa, Alameda, and Solano counties.

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