Why Neglecting Your Oral Health Is Bad News

Jan 27th, 2017 | By | Category: Oral Health

You know that neglecting your oral health isn’t really a good idea. However, if you have never dealt with any particularly frustrating consequences of skipped brushing sessions, forgetting to floss, or ignoring your need for checkups, you might not feel very motivated. It’s important to recognize that the longer you ignore your dental hygiene and preventive care, the more likely you are to find yourself dealing with very challenging results. Learn more, so you find that essential spark of motivation you need.

Multiple Problems Will Affect Your Confidence

You might already recognize that if you don’t care for your oral health, some negative side effects will occur that can damage your confidence. For example, your teeth may become yellowed, appear dirty, or become damaged (all issues that may cause you to feel embarrassed to show your smile). You may overlook, however, that the following may also occur:

  • You may end up with bad breath that you cannot get rid of without our help.
  • You may end up feeling too embarrassed to seek our care (though we always suggest that you do! We will not judge you).

Eating Will Actually Become Difficult

You might have trouble imaging a day when you can’t simply pick up a forkful of the food you love and eat without thinking about it. Unfortunately, if you neglect your oral health, problems with your smile and difficulty eating are nearer than you might think. Consider the following:

  • If you don’t brush and floss, decay and damage will follow. Teeth will become damaged or you may experience tooth loss. As a result, your diet will become significantly less varied.
  • If you don’t maintain a moist, healthy smile, you will have trouble softening food to the point that you can break it down and swallow it.
  • Unhealthy teeth, gums, jaw joints, and more become uncomfortable, which can result in painful chewing. Eating should be enjoyable and easy!


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