Before Or After? Morning Or Evening?: We Answer Common FAQs

Jan 18th, 2017 | By | Category: General Dentistry, Oral Health

When you know the basics of dental hygiene, it’s always a surprise to discover there’s more to the routine than you initially assumed. Isn’t it enough that you know you should be brushing and flossing? Actually, there are some subtle nuances to establishing exceptional habits that will often leave you scratching your head in uncertainty. As we will always say to you, please bring us such concerns, so we can help! For the current moment, we are pleased to bring you some questions (and answers) that speak to inquiries we commonly hear during dental visits.

Questions and Answers

Question: Should I floss my teeth in the morning or at night? Is it better to choose one over the other?

Answer: It doesn’t matter. What matters is flossing at least one time throughout the day. If you floss in the morning and you enjoy it, keep it up. If you love going to bed after flossing because your smile feels amazing, keep doing it. If you want to switch it up because your current system isn’t working, go right on ahead.

Question: I’ve heard that it’s important to floss my smile at the end of my dental hygiene routine after I have brushed already. Is this really true?

Answer: Nope. It’s not true. To reinforce our previously mentioned sentiment, it’s just important that you floss. Not when you floss in relation to your brushing. Before or after, it’s all the same.

Question: I find that I’m exhausted at night and often end up missing my dental hygiene session. Do you have any suggestions to help me stay on track with my oral health?

Answer: Of course. Start earlier (as in, don’t wait until you have only enough energy to drag yourself under the blankets). Move your usual flossing session to your morning routine, so nighttime is easy.


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