Preventive Dentistry Tips for Children in Richmond, CA

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Preventive DentistryProtecting Your Child’s Teeth

Myth: Primary teeth health is not important because they will fall out anyway. Actually, caring for your child’s teeth at a young age will give them a head start for proper oral health care in the future. Baby teeth, or primary teeth, are just as important as permanent teeth. Your child’s first set of teeth are placeholders for the adult teeth that will grow in between ages six and twelve. Impacted, decaying, and crooked baby teeth leave a negative legacy for permanent teeth.Our Richmond family dentist, Dr. Moiceanu encourages you to follow these tips for preventive children’s dentistry.

Address Dental Issues Early to Prevent More Serious Problems

As with most dental issues, taking action early will ensure the best results. Help your child prevent cavities by scheduling regular dental cleanings. Our family friendly dentist can explain ways to help your child learn to brush his or her teeth properly. During the developmental stages when brushing may be shoddy at best, fluoride treatments and sealants will give added smile protection.

Fluoride Treatments and Sealants in Richmond

Fluoride can be applied topically, added to toothpastes, mouthwashes, or even water. This naturally occurring mineral combines with tooth enamel to strengthen the protective shield around a tooth. Our dental professionals can also apply sealants in a matter of minutes. This thin plastic coating protects your child’s teeth from bacteria. Sealants are most commonly used on hard-to-reach back teeth, or anterior teeth, which have more crevices for food particles to become trapped.

Dentistry for Children in Richmond, CA

Investing in your child’s oral health is an investment in his or her future. By encouraging proper oral hygiene early, you are more likely to help your child carry on optimal dental hygiene habits when he or she is older. For more information about how to help your child achieve optimal oral health, contact our family dentistry in Richmond, CA at (510)758-7222.

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