Richmond Dentist Explains Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment

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Non-Surgical Gum Disease TreatmentNon-surgical gum disease treatment is a common way of combating periodontal infection. At our Richmond, CA dental office, Dr. Moiceanu offers scaling and root planing to treat gum disease and prevent the ravages of severe periodontitis. Our Richmond, CA dentist will explain how scaling and root planing works and the benefits of this non-surgical gum disease treatment.

Periodontal Disease Treatment Without Surgery

In mild cases of periodontitis, scaling and root planing can prevent the need for surgical gum disease treatment. With an extremely high rate of effectiveness, scaling and root planing stops gingival infection from spreading further into the bone. If periodontal disease progresses to the infecting your jawbone, you are at a higher risk of losing teeth. In these instances, gum disease treatment may call for more invasive procedures like gum flap surgery. Scaling and root planing  prevents the need for more extensive treatment by combating gum disease below the gum line.

How Scaling and Root Planing Works

To understand how scaling and root planing fights gum disease, it is helpful to know how gingival infection spreads. Starting out as plaque buildup along the gum line, the bacteria responsible for gum disease combined with this plaque and infects the gum tissue. The gum disease infection causes the gum tissue to separate from the teeth with what is called periodontal pockets in between. These periodontal pockets are a collection of bacteria, calculus, and toxins. Scaling and root planing cleans out these periodontal pockets and removes infection below the gum line. Additionally, root planing smoothes the tooth root, creating a more difficult surface for bacteria to attach. This also encourages gum tissue to heal and become more securely attached to the tooth root. Additionally, the infection ceases to spread deeper into the periodontal pockets, saving the jawbone from deterioration. 

Periodontal Care in Richmond, CA

At our Richmond, CA dentist, Dr. Moiceanu offers scaling and root planing to help fight back against gum disease. To find out more about our periodontal treatment services, call our family dentistry in Richmond, CA at (510)758-7222.

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