The Link Between TMJ Dysfunction And Teeth Grinding

Sep 22nd, 2017 | By | Category: TMJ Disorder

Some patients who develop TMJ issues may have them because of an ongoing teeth grinding habit. However, that does not mean TMJ issues are always the result of teeth grinding – in fact, some people will start teeth grinding occurs after experiencing problems with their jaw joints. You should know that if you have one of these conditions, or both, your dentist is available, and can provide important help. If you do nothing about your teeth grinding, you may develop real issues with the health of your teeth. If you leave your TMJ dysfunction unaddressed, you can find yourself experiencing a range of daily pains.

Treating Jaw Problems Before Your Condition Becomes Worse

People with TMJ dysfunction can experience headaches on a regular basis, and find themselves experiencing a range of difficulties with biting and chewing. If you grind your teeth, you can actually harm them to the point that you could require restorative dental care. Your dentist can help you by correcting any issue with your jaw joints that might lead to trouble.

Giving Your Oral Health Regular Attention Through Routine Checkups

If you want to make sure you are giving the proper attention to your oral care, make sure you are attending regular checkups with your dentist. By keeping up with these appointments, you avoid a situation where a problem develops, and grows more severe, creating unnecessary complications. Of course, if you attend regular dental checkups, and feel something might be wrong, you should not wait until your next routine visit. Let your dentist know that you are experiencing an issue, and they can bring you in and address the matter.

Talk To Hilltop Family Dental About TMJ Dysfunction

At Hilltop Family Dental, our practice can provide important care to individuals who are impacted by problems with their oral health. If you have issues related to TMJ dysfunction, you can enjoy the care you need so that you find relief from the uncomfortable symptoms this situation can create. Our office is proud to serve patients from Richmond, CA, and surrounding areas, such as Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and more. To learn more about us, or to schedule a consultation, contact Hilltop Family Dental as soon as possible by calling us at (510) 758-7222.

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