Hypersalivation Quiz

May 23rd, 2017 | By | Category: General Dentistry, Oral Health

When you hear us talk about your hypersalivation, you may not know what this refers to. Translation: It means that your body is making too much saliva or you’ve got too much in your mouth at any given time. This, as you may already know, can become uncomfortable, frustrating, and even embarrassing at times. Fortunately, there are answers and solutions! Not sure where to begin? Start with our quiz.

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: If you are having trouble with hypersalivation and clearing the saliva from your mouth, we encourage you to drink more water because it will thin the fluids and make swallowing and clearing easier.
  2. True or False: One of the first steps you should take is to talk with us about your excessive saliva flow issue because we can provide you with details regarding any apparent concerns and how to regain a balance.
  3. True or False: It is also extremely important that you speak with your doctor about this concern because it might be the result of an underlying medication condition or the side effect of a particular medication you’re taking.

Quiz Answers

  1. True. This is actually accurate. You might think that more moisture will make hypersalivation worse but it actually helps. When you thin saliva, you can swallow it more easily. You also keep oral tissues wet, so your body doesn’t continue making so much saliva.
  2. True. This is absolutely true. It’s entirely possible that something very simple is coming into play here. By letting us know what’s going on, we can offer you both short- and long-term suggestions for addressing the issue.
  3. True. Whether the salivation is due to pregnancy, treatment for a physical illness, a short-term illness, medicine that you’ve been prescribed, or something else, you will generally get your answer from your doctor.

Balance Your Smile For Comfort

Learn more about how to address excessive salivation by coming in for care, so you can enjoy a comfortable smile. Schedule an appointment today with Hilltop Family Dental by calling (510) 758-7222. We are proud to serve patients from Richmond, Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and more.

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