“Is Gum Bleeding Normal?” Dr. Moiceanu Discusses Gingivitis

May 22nd, 2012 | By | Category: Gum Disease, Preventive Dentistry

Gum BleedingAre Your Gums Bleeding During Brushing?

When you brush your teeth or flossare you seeing pink in the sink? Gum bleeding is a commonly misunderstood symptom that could be a sign of a serious oral health condition. Our Richmond, CA dentist urges you to take notice the next time you experience gingival bleeding as it could be a sign of gum disease.

Don’t Discount Gum Disease

If you think you are unlikely to have gum disease, consider this: close to 8 out of 10 Americans have some form of gum disease, or periodontal disease. Gingival bleeding should not be ignored as this is a common sign of the early stage of gum disease. Gingivitis begins with deep red or inflamed gums. The discoloration in your gum tissue signals an infection that causes them to become sensitive and bleed easily.

The Symptoms of Gingivitis

With gingivitis, daily oral hygiene like brushing or flossing may irritate your gums and cause them to bleed. While some people believe gingivitis is merely a mild infection, this early stage of gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral health. To put into perspective the amount of surface area affected in your mouth, imagine if your entire forearm is dark red, swollen, and sensitive.

How to Know if You Have Gingivitis

While harsh brushing and mouth sores may contribute to temporary bleeding, chronic gum bleeding should not be taken lightly. If ulcers stay in your mouth for over a week, or bleeding persists, have your mouth checked by our dentist in Richmond, CA. With a trained eye and advanced technology, Dr. Moiceanu can meticulously examine your mouth for signs of periodontal disease, and determine a treatment plan if infection is present.

Preventive Dentistry in Richmond, CA

While gum disease is not curable, it is highly treatable. Since treatment is more successful in the early stages of periodontal disease, contact our Richmond, CA dental office as soon as possible. Call Hilltop Family Dental in Richmond, California at (510) 758-7222. We serve patients from Richmond, San Pablo, El Sobrante, Vallejo, Pinole, El Cerrito, Hercules, Benicia, and the greater Contra Costa County area.

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