Need Fluoride?: Answering Your Questions

Jun 13th, 2017 | By | Category: Oral Health

You’ve probably heard that you should use fluoride to protect your oral health. However, you may also note that you’ve heard you shouldn’t use fluoride. When you’re faced with such a perplexing set of details, it can be very difficult to move forward with one decision or another. Fortunately, we can help you quickly feel solid about this issue by offering answers to questions frequently asked about this smile-supporting mineral.

Questions and Answers

Question: Do I need to be using fluoride in my toothpaste for oral health that remains in good condition?

Answer: Yes you do. Unless we ever mention otherwise, you will need to make sure that fluoride is part of your daily dental hygiene experience! One way to do this is to use fluoridated paste.

Question: Why are there rumors that I should be avoiding fluoride? If it’s so good for my oral health, why do my friends tell me to choose toothpaste free of it?

Answer: Rumors start because one person makes one comment about something that gets blown out of proportion. LIke many things, if you ingest too much fluoride, it can hurt you. However, if you brush with it as suggested and avoid eating more than one serving, you’ll be just fine.

Question: Are there options for getting fluoride for my smile beyond choosing to use toothpaste that contains fluoride? Should I be using them?

Answer: Yes. You should remember to drink tap water (if your community treats your water) to get more fluoride, since your bottled water doesn’t have any. You can also ask us about fluoride treatments to help protect your oral health.

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