Little Dental Concerns, Big Worries, Simple Answers

Jan 11th, 2017 | By | Category: Dental Emergencies

Sometimes the smallest issue can cause you to feel as though you’re in the midst of a dental emergency with need for immediate care. In some instances, you will be right and we will urge you to contact us right away. In other instances, you will discover you are perfectly fine. To help you begin distinguishing between the two, we offer up some solutions to common concerns that often turn into big worries.

Help, I Swallowed Toothpaste!

This is one of those concerns that stands alone. When you swallow toothpaste accidentally, you might wonder if it’s a dental emergency and if you need to see us (or perhaps call 911). As long as you’ve only swallowed a little bit (as in, close to the amount suggested on the packaging for a brushing session), you’re in okay shape. The only reason to visit an emergency room or call a poison control center: You or someone in your home has consumed a lot more than the suggested dollop for a tooth brushing routine.

Help, I Have Food Stuck Between My Teeth!

Believe it or not, this can qualify as a dental emergency! As you know, if you leave food or plaque on your teeth, it can quickly lead to problems like decay and irritation. If you have food or debris stuck between your teeth (that won’t come loose with one pass of your dental floss), contact us. We will see you ASAP to remove it for you (so you don’t hurt yourself).

Help, I Haven’t Scheduled A Visit In Years!

Don’t worry. This isn’t an emergency but you definitely need to give us a call. We will provide you with compassionate care and helping you re-establish excellent habits! The sooner you schedule a visit, the better.


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