Why Dental Implants are Cost-Effective

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dental implantsThere are many factors to consider when choosing the right replacement for your lost tooth/teeth. You have several options to choose from for completing your smile, such as a dental bridge or a full/partial denture, depending on the extent and pattern of your tooth loss. Nevertheless, dental implants are the only option that serves to replace the roots lost by your vacated teeth. While the procedure can initially be more expensive than other procedures, dental implant restorations are designed to last a lifetime, proving more cost-effective than traditional restorations that frequently require remeasuring and refitting. Richmond dentist, Dr. Stefan Moiceanu, explains how dental implants can improve the impact that your tooth loss has on your wallet in the long run.

Prevention, as Well as Restoration

To exemplify the benefits of dental implants, we compare traditional dentures to those supported by implants. If you or someone you know has worn traditional dentures for any significant amount of time, then you may be aware that a common complaint among patients involves dentures losing their tight grip. Although dentures are custom-created to fit the curvature of your dental ridge, your jaw can slowly deteriorate from the loss of one, many, or all of your teeth’s roots, causing your dental to shrink over time. This phenomenon leads to the need for continuous readjustments, sometimes requiring a new denture to be fabricated to accommodate the change.

Preserve Your Remaining Teeth

Aside from interfering with the fit of your dentures, jawbone deterioration can also lead to further tooth loss as your jawbone loses its ability to support them. By replacing your lost tooth roots with dental implants, you can help preserve your jawbone’s strength and prevent the loss of more teeth, saving you the expense of having to replace those teeth later down the road.

Restore and Protect Your Smile with Dental Implants in Richmond

To learn more about securing your replacement teeth with innovative dental implants, contact Dr. Moiceanu today. You can schedule a consultation in Richmond by calling Hilltop Family Dental at 510-758-7222. Located in the 94806 area, we proudly serve families from Richmond, Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and the surrounding communities.

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