Taking Control of Chronic TMJ Pain

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Chronic aches and pains are common enough that many people grow accustomed enough to the inconvenience to grow complacent, simply dealing with the pain instead of treating it. For instance, craniofacial pains are a common enough occurrence that you may not think twice about yours after consuming pain medication. Frequent, severe jaw pain, however, can indicate a serious health issue that requires attention before relief can be found. Earaches, headaches, and soreness in your shoulders and facial muscles are also common problems, and together with chronic jaw pain, they may indicate a functional problem with your jaw joints and muscles—a condition known as TMJ disorder.

How to Relieve TMJ Disorder

Because the symptoms of TMJ disorder are so diverse, its diagnosis is often difficult. A self-examination can give you clues about whether your chronic pain is TMJ-related, and the following tips can help you ease the tension and agony;

  • Gentle massage—TMJ disorder describes a malfunction in your jaw’s joints and muscles. The resulting aches are often a result of tension or spasms caused by this malfunction. Try massaging the area directly in front of each ear, where your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) are located. Slow, gentle movements can help your muscles relax, reducing your discomfort.
  • Heat and cold—You can also place a hot towel, hot water bottle, or heating pad on the target area. Heat is an excellent muscle relaxant and is used to help strained muscles heal and relax. Alternately, cold is an effective pain reliever. For optimal results, switch heat with cold to relax your muscles and relieve pain faster.
  • Seek your dentist’s help—Because TMJ disorder is a functional problem, fixing it requires the help of a professional. After a thorough and comprehensive examination, your dentist can help determine if you have TMJ disorder and prescribe an appropriate course of treatment to restore your mouth’s proper operation.

Find Out How to Relieve TMJ Discomfort

If you suffer from chronic, TMJ-related pain and discomfort, then find out how we can help you find relief with appropriate dental treatment. To learn more, or schedule a consultation, contact Hilltop Family Dental today by calling (510) 758-7222. Located in Richmond, CA, we also proudly serve patients from Berkeley, San Pablo, Pinole, Benicia, Vallejo, and all surrounding communities.

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