Common Reasons Behind Toothaches

Jun 20th, 2016 | By | Category: General Dentistry, Oral Health

common reasons behind toothachesIf you have a headache, chances are you’d concentrate on trying to relieve it, but may not put as much effort into discovering its cause. Usually, once your headache is gone, it no longer bothers you. A toothache, however, is not as easily resolved. While tooth discomfort can stem from a number of different causes, it typically will not go away on its own, and the dental issue causing it will not heal itself. Today, we explain why you shouldn’t ignore your toothache by outlining some of the likely causes behind it.

Why Teeth Ache

Tooth decay—Cavities are a common cause of toothaches. Tooth enamel, which surrounds and protects your teeth, is the strongest substance that your body produces. When acid produced by oral bacteria erode your tooth enamel, the softer parts of your teeth are exposed to bacteria, food debris, hot and cold temperatures, and other irritants. If left unchecked, tooth decay can cost you your tooth, and possibly spread to others.

Receding/Diseased Gums—The bottom part of your tooth, called the root, is not covered in enamel, but is sealed and protected by your gum tissue. When gum recession, typically a symptom and a cause of gum disease, exposes these roots, your teeth can begin to ache from the irritated roots.

Sinus infection—Sometimes, your teeth may hurt for no dental reason at all. For instance, when your sinuses are infected, the soft membrane that lines that hollow chambers can swell and produce excessive mucus. The largest of these chambers, called the maxillary sinuses, are located in your cheeks, close to the roots of your upper teeth. When sinusitis sets in, the inflammation can place pressure on these roots, leading to temporary tooth discomfort that can often feel like a dental issue.


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