3 Tips To Help Young Children Stay Safe From Cavities

Jan 10th, 2018 | By | Category: Children's Dentistry

There are many potential perils that parents of young children need to pay attention to, particularly when it comes to health matters. One issue that certainly deserves attention is your child’s oral health – how do you make sure they are safe from dental troubles? While younger children will lose their primary teeth, cavity prevention should still be a priority. Restorative dental work can be upsetting to smaller patients, who are less familiar with what is happening. Complications from tooth decay can also cause real issues. Between pediatric dental visits and smart at-home care, you can make sure your child’s smile enjoys a robust defense against decay.

1. Check In On Their Brushing And Flossing Habits

Your child may be ready to take care of their own brushing and flossing habits, but checking in on them every so often can be useful. After all, if they do a poor job caring for their teeth, they are more likely to have tartar form, which can be a serious cavity risk.

2. Educate Them On How Sugar Can Hurt Their Teeth

Kids tend to have an especially hard time saying no to sweets. Educating them on the harm sugar can do to their smile will (hopefully) help them exercise a little moderation. You can also help defend their teeth by keeping sugary snack options limited.

3. Start Regular Dental Appointments Early

Regular dental appointments should start at an early age. It is normally recommended that kids start seeing their dentist by around their first birthday. In addition to checking them for cavities, your dentist will help ensure that they enjoy good oral health by monitoring how their oral structures develop. If a problem is identified, they can intervene. Routine preventive dental care is important at an early age, just as it is important for adults.

Your Kids Can Enjoy Great Dental Care At Hilltop Family Dental

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